We are an AKC breeder of chocolate parti yorkies, golden yorkies, parti yorkies, chocolate yorkies, golden parti yorkies and the almost impossible to find blonde and blonde parti yorkies. We also raise beautiful white Maltese with full straight coats and no tearstains. You will see these unique colors and patterns throughout our website where we have lots of photos. We do our very best to provide people with healthy well socialized puppies with nice conformation.

   We love the unique colors, however everybody has their on opinion and does not agree on the unique colors. Our opinion is that breeders have been raising chocolate and golden retrievers, Boston terrier, Japanese chin and merle shelties for many years which is the same colors as our puppies. Our opinion is that just because a puppy is a certain color means just that...be it a chocolate lab or a chocolate yorkie. It’s still a cute healthy chocolate puppy that will make you smile every day. We strive to produce quality along with unique coloring and feel our puppies speak for themselves...

AKC inspected on 12/17/13  100% in compliance